Acrylic, ink, gold on paper, 30x20 cm


The Essence Of Life

The paintings are drawn swiftly and express joy and happiness from the bottom of the hearth & soul.

 the power of Hebrew letters and Psalms, in art.
Healing Art: I draw the person with healthy expressions. I draw the eyes' expression as happy ones. Also the ill limbs of the body,  I draw them as healthy and perfect.  Such a painting is able to create cured reality. For example: I painted Gilad Shalit when he was in captivity, as happy and smiling, framed within the Star of David.  I wrote on it: I am at home.  I gave the painting to Gilad's father. I know it helped!  I'm happy to help others this way. I truly believe that positive thoughts and art create positive reality.
Here you can see a painting which  I did for a lady who had thyroid cancer. Another painting is for a man who had cancer. I put the painting in his  bedroom, so he could look at it all the time. I created the expression of his eyes , a happy one.
I'll paint anyone who wants to heal (also from a photograph). I"ll change the expression of his eyes to a happy one, or the damaged limb to a healthy one. Such a painting has power to heal, either during the work itself or by looking at it hanging in the house. It defnately magnetizes and creates positive reality.
Such a painting, as mentioned before, i made for Gilad Shalit. All my friends painted him sad and suffering in prison. I painted him smiling and cheerful, inside a Star Of David, saying: shalom, i am at home. They painted him their way in order to create awareness, whereas i painted him in order to create a positive reality. I gave the paintings to Gilad's father in order to help.
At the moment I am busy creating a new series of paintings, which will help magnetizing good and unpolluted air to ISRAEL and the world.

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